Mi ta simplemente un mucha homber ku ke i ta traha pa desaroyo di mi mes. Mi Famia i mi Pais - Kòrsow

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This shot was taken by Malia Mae Bloedon. This series was also used for promoting "Ansestro Preokupa"

In the library

This picture was taken by photographer Shanna Rodriguez. This is one of the pictures that was used for the back cover of his book "Ansestro Preokupa".

South Africa

This picture was taken by Lee Bob Black in Loskop.  Hemayel playing soccer and having fun with the kids.

Hemayel & Levi

Hemayel worked closely with artist Levi Sylvani, promoting his poetry.

With family

This picture is the last picture taken with Hemayel and his parents.

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This website is dedicated to Hemayel Michael Anthony Martina. Hemayel will be mostly remembered for his positive attitude towards life and devotion to his family and loved ones. His determination to shed light on the path paved by his ancestors and constant drive to realize his dream of ensuring a bright future of his native country, Curaçao, have inspired thousands of people. Hemayel understood early on that he could not realize this dream alone.

With the support of family and friends he embarked on a journey to realize his dream and he modestly indicated:


It's about us... It's not about me, in fact I think the people around me are of great importance because they shaped parts of me... I had great people around me


Hemayel will live on through his poetry, his views on life and all of the people that he touched and inspired during his relatively short physical presence on this planet.

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